Torque testing is a technique for figuring out how an object will respond to being turned, either naturally or until it breaks or fails intentionally.

This rotating force can either be “static” at a considerably slower speed or “dynamic,” which is frequently applied at extremely high speed.

Sushma’s Torque Testing System for Static or Performance & Endurance measurement applications are mainly used to deduce:



Torque vs Angle analysis


Static Torque Measurements


Estimation of Torque


Breakaway/Destructive Tests


Strength /Fracture /Failure Analysis


Accelerated Life Analysis


Endurance Limits


Fatigue Analysis


Durability Testing

These machines are also known in the market as

Torque Testing Machines, Torsion Testing System, Torsion Spring Testers  or Spring torque tester


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Product subline overview

Static/ Performance Testing

Sushma’s Torque Testing Systems for Static or Performance measurement applications are mainly used for
1) Torque Vs Angular Deflection Characterization
2) Torque Measurements
3) Estimation of Torque many more applications….

Fatigue /Endurance Testing

Sushma’s Torque Testing System for Fatigue and Endurance Testing applications provide wide variety of customization.
Based on standard platforms, we offer wide variety of options for customizations based on component
1) Dimensions
2) Capacity
3) Test Frequency
4) Test Sequencing
5) Accuracy Levels

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