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At Sushma, we create value beyond our products / services for our customers!

35+ years of vast experience and expertise empowers us to assist our customers in their
endeavors. We believe in creating a meaningful relationship with our clients and our
employees. Our products and services are quality-proven, user-friendly, highly relevant,
reliable, and accurate. Our Testing Solutions ensure optimal ROI for our customers.

Sushma team believes great experiences begin with an amiable, growth-oriented and
satisfying environment that radiates the same vigor to our customers.

Our Brands

Our solutions range from  SENSORS, CUSTOM- BUILTPRODUCTS to CLOUD SOLUTIONS in the Torque,  Force &  Pressure Domain.

We 35 years expertise in Torque, Force, and Pressure
Measurement. Our Test Systems and Solutions cater to over 30+ industry sectors.

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We have 25+ years of experience in calibration accredited as per ISO/IEC 17025.

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Sushma’s products are covered by our Service and Technical Support Team for any contingencies

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Our Academy provides Training & Consultation so that the Community and the Industry on the whole is benefitted


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To add value and create an ethical ecosystem to innovate, support & empower people with reliable quality testing solutions for collective success


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We aim to provide an environment for growth at the work place. For clients, quality products and an exemplary customer experience.
In the coming decade we aspire to reach out to newer markets across the globe, enhance our revenue three fold and innovate our products further.

Your Advantage

Our Solution / Capability

Our solutions range from SENSORS, CUSTOM-BUILTPRODUCTS to CLOUDSOLUTIONS in the Torque,  Force &  Pressure Domain.

Our People

Our work force is genial, professional and experienced. The innovative work environment will provide genuine solutions to your queries.

Domain Knowledge

35 years of extensive Domain Knowledge ensures we design & deliver smarter & effective solutions. Our expertise has gained us over 3000 customers in 36+ industry sectors.

Application Support

Our specialists will assist you to choose the apt product from 200+ standard & custom-built choices.

Product Development

Our products are ingrained with Innovative Technologies.

Calibration Facility

Calibration & testing is our forte & we follow international standards

After Sales Support

Our service & support team will keep all your worries at bay through our proactive approach.

Our History

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Meet our Founder

MR. R. Sadananda Murthy

Founder, Sushma Industries

An entrepreneur and knowledge philanthropist, Mr. R. Sadananda Murthy, is well known for being a major catalyst in improving the Testing and Calibration Industry of India for 45 years. He is also popular among family and friends for being a guide. He ignites young minds to dream big and helps them create a beautiful vision for the future.

He founded Sushma Industries in 1986 along with his wife A.S.Meenakshi. In the past three decades, Sushma has become a majorbrand in India in the Measurement, Testing and Calibration Industry. Today Sushma Industries Pvt. Ltd. provides Torque, Force, Pressure Measurement and Test Systems and Solutions with over 200 products for over 30 different industry sectors. With a philosophy of providing solutions instead of just products has helped more than 4500 customers reap profits. These products are used in R&D teams, quality control departments or end of line testing in production line or in dedicated Testing or Calibration Laboratories.


“Individual commitment to a group effort”

We possess a dedicated team of professionals, committed to meet the demands and requirements of our patrons. Our clients’ success encourages us to fulfill their diverse needs. Their delight has helped us grow in the process.

Leadership Vision

“Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do

eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.

Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco”

-Suveer Sadanand, CEO

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Product Quality,
& Profit Goals

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