A torque sensor is a device that measures and records the torque on a rotating system. Torque sensors are transducers that convert mechanical torque input into an electrical output signal. There are two types of torque sensors:


Reaction type that measures static torque


Rotary type that measures dynamic torque

SushmaTM Torque Sensors are extremely accurate and compact in design. They are also ideally suited for clockwise and counter clockwise torque measurements. These can be used for a wide variety of static and dynamic measurement applications.


Our oem torque sensor range is capable of providing solutions that integrate effectively into a wide variety of industrial applications.

Strain gauge based torque sensors are classified as –


Reaction Torque Sensors


Rotary Torque Sensor


Contact less Rotary Torque Sensors


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Types of Torque Sensors :

Reaction torque Sensors

Reaction torque sensors measure static torque. A reaction torque transducer measures torque transferred to the ground (or to any rigid structural member).

ROtary Torque Sensors

Sushma’s contact and non-contact type rotary torque sensors are suitable for laboratory applications as well as industrial environments because of their compact size and multiple mounting options. The models available include either shaft to shaft, Hex type or square drive options.

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