Valve torque testing is important to verify design, process, and maintenance standards in order to ensure safety, reliability and efficiency of the valves.
Precise torque & angle measurement is also required by many industries for various test applicable during the product designing and manufacturing cycles.
Sushma’s Latest innovation SDU-A219 is an application specific Smart Touch Display unit for Valve testing to be coupled with Rotary Torque Sensors, that provides high accuracy and flexibility. SDU-A219 enables the user with high precision with up to 20,000 True counts digital calibrated values of connected and calibrated sensor.


SDU-A219 is a device specifically developed for Valve testing application. This is an application specific device is capable of being used with Rotary torque sensor.
The indicator provides accurate and simple solutions for quality, maintenance, end of line and production professionals in Petrochemical industry, Food & processing industries etc


Display unit type Hand-held/Tabletop model with 7” Resistive Touch Screen Display
Number of digits 4.5 digits display for Torque. 5-digit display for Angle/Turns
Modes Trace, Peak
Max Resolution 20,000 counts
Overload Indications Available
Sampling Rate 100 Samples/sec For Torque and 100 samples/sec for Angle
Parameter Units Torque – Nm, kgfm & lbft
USB computer interface Available only with Sushma software
On board storage 1 GB
USB – Flash Drive Available
IOT Ready Yes
Ethernet port Available
Power Supply 9V–1A power adapter


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