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TTS-PP101 (Tabletop Model)

Sushma  TTS-PP101 is a Proline tabletop automated torque testing system comes with a Control display unit to provide the ultimate flexibility to perform motorized torque & angle measurements from 0.05Nm up to 100Nm.

The display unit controls the torque and angle tests of the machine by giving step-by-step guided instructions




  • Closed loop System
  • Horizontal orientation tabletop model
  • Speed Control 5%
  • Sensors Suitable: Reaction torque sensor flange to flange type TS-104
  • Machine Operation through Control display unit
  • Torque Measuring Range: 5% to 100%

Display Unit

Model Number: CDU-A203

Display resolution: 20,000 counts

Storage available: Upto1GB (10000 files can be stored)

Software interface: Possible

Ethernet port: Available


SW-TTS-101 Sushma Proline Software Assists the user in data collecting and analysis.

Torque vs Angle Curve,

Estimation of Torque,

Torque & Angle Analysis
Strength /Fracture /Failure Analysis


  • Ideal for testing metals, non-metallic materials, and composite materials in applications requiring torque and angle measurement.
  • A wide variety of Torsion Springs, including left- or right-coiled springs, wires, cable, and components can be tested.
  • Suitable for R&D, Quality or Batch Testing, can also be used in Production Line environments in automobile, electrical, aerospace, electronics, bio-medical or other engineering industries

Project Documentation

Specification sheet

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