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Torque wrench calibrator automated – TWC 205

Torque wrench calibrator system computer automated 205

Torque wrench calibration system computer automated 205 is Sushma’s torque wrench calibrator automated as per ISO 6789:2017-2 for static torque tools is the automatic torque wrench calibration system that is built as per the complex ISO standard.

The design ensures that the user can utilize the system adeptly with minimal exposure to it.

We offer two models – Automated and Computer Automated. The systems require very limited training or experience to operate. It allows the user to learn hands-on in a simple and straightforward manner.

The torque wrench is placed on Sushma Torque Sensor-Reaction type and held by the adjustable tool holding fixture, enabling perfect horizontal alignment, connected to the rigid reaction bar.

The connection between the torque tool and the tool holding fixture is designed to ensure self-alignment, reduce parasitic forces, and moments to minimum levels, helping in a better reading of uncertainty.

The main rigid torque loading rig consists of the servo motor driven system with a highly precise gearbox that rotates the sensor in turn loading the torque wrench.

The 7-inch touch Smart Control & Display Unit controls the entire machine and gives the user automated & guided instructions to help take actions. It also has a database to quickly recalibrate the tool without having to type all the details again (it can be coupled with the optional bar code scanner). The results from the test are then stored on the device, which can be viewed on the display or downloaded to a PC through a USB or pen drive.

check out the white paper on the difference between ISO 6789:2003 and ISO 6789:2017


  • Calibrate various types of torque tools such as Type 1 (Indicating) & Type 2 (Setting) as per ISO 6789:2017-2
  • Quick changeover of different capacity sensors using two pins
  • For ease of operation user-Guided Torque Wrench Calibration steps are provided as per the ISO 6789:2017-2
  • User friendly and requires bare minimal exposure to operating the machine expertly
  • Calibration Readings are stored as Reports on the Control Display Unit that can be downloaded to the PC via a USB cable or USB Pen drive
  • IOT Ready Control Display Unit for Remote Diagnostics & Monitoring.
  • Our system ensures you are future-ready with Dashboards & Analytics that helps tracks the Calibration Activity
  • Storage Space is provided for Sensors, PC or Files
  • CE Approved hence ready for global markets

Torque Wrench Calibrator Automated

  • Display unit type: Smart Control Hand-held/Tabletop model with 7” Resistive Touch Screen Display
  • Number of digits:5 digits characters display
  • Modes: Trace, Peak, First Peak
  • Max Resolution: 20,000 counts
  • Overload Indications: Available
  • Parameter Units: Torque – Nm, kgfm & lbft
  • USB computer interface: Available
  • USB – Flash Drive: Available
  • Sushma PC software interface: Possible
  • IOT Ready
  • Ethernet port: Available
  • Power Supply: 9V–1A power adapter
  • Easy calibration and easy user interface


Application of Automatic Torque Wrench Calibration System (Torque Wrench Calibrator Automated)

Calibration of Static Torque Tools as per ISO 6789:2017-2 involves:

  • Torque Wrenches: Dial, Click, Digital, Fixed, Torsion/Flexion Types (Indicating and Settable Types)
  • Torque Screw Drivers: Click, Slip, Digital, Fixed Types (Indicating and Settable Types)


Torque wrench calibrator automated

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