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Torque wrench calibration system table top – TWC-102

Torque wrench calibration system tabletop 102

Sushma’s Torque wrench calibration system tabletop 102 is a torque wrench tester for static torque tools as per ISO 6789:2004. The system consists of Hand wheel operated table top model test rig with inbuilt Torque sensor & Display for slow and uniform application of torque.

The system is complying with IS/ISO6789:2004 .  User Can use the TWC 101 The Portable, system, suitable for either for Production line or for laboratory use.

Torque wrench testing begins with the process of loading the unit on a test bench. Unit comes with individual inbuilt torque sensors & relevant inbuilt display & table top handwheel operated test bench Which is Suitable for clockwise and counter – clockwise operation.

Testing of Static Torque Tools as per IS/ISO 6789:2004 involves:

  • Torque Wrenches: Dial, Click, Digital, Fixed, Torsion/Flexion Types (Indicating and Settable Types)
  • Torque Screw drivers: Click, Slip, Digital, Fixed Types (Indicating and Settable Types)


  • Handwheel operated Test rig with inbuilt single capacity torque sensor & display.
  • Accuracy (including measurement uncertainty) better than 1 % of the reading from 20% to 100% of the range.
  • To comply with IS/ISO6789:2004 for click type torque wrench calibration
  • Suitable either for Production line or for laboratory use.
  • High resolution Touch screen type Display unit, to read Torque in Trace mode, Peak hold & First peak mode.
  • Suitable for clock wise and counter clock wise operation with
  • Selectable unit of measurement, Nm, kgfm & Ft lbs.

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