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Torque Sensor Flange To Flange Type-TS104

Sushma flange type reaction torque sensors (non-rotating) can be utilized to accurately measure static and dynamic torque that is high speed in nature. This is based on Newton’s third law of angular motion, which states “when torque is exerted on some material, then an equal amount of torque is relayed in the opposite direction about the same axis of rotation”.

This manner of precision torque testing through reaction torque sensors eliminates high maintenance and cost of slip-rings, bearings and brushes which may be needed for any other way of testing. These are available in capacities of 10 Nm to 20 kNm. TS-104L is of smaller capacity.


  • Reaction type torque sensor (non-rotating type)
  • Clockwise & anticlockwise measurements are possible
  • Low capacity Aluminium construction
  • Non-rotating , High Accuracy, low deflection
  • High torsional stiffness and Spigot for easy centering

Display Unit Features

  • Model No:SDU-G205
  • The 7inch touch Smart Display Unit
  • Easy calibration and easy user interface
  • Battery level indicator
  • Max: Resolution 20 Thousand Counts
  • IOT Ready Product
  • Power Supply:9V , 1A
  • Micro Motor, Pump and Engine dynamometer testing
  • Torque tool & rotary torque tool testing,
  • Automotive, Engineering and Electrical component testing,
  • And for any other reaction torque applications

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