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SDU-A207 is a device for Steering effort measuring system – wireless model is suitable for measurement of steering Torque, Angle and Effort of the automotive four wheelers, car, tractor, buses, trucks and material handling equipment

System can be used on the field, in the laboratory, or on the test track

Useful for evaluation of steering systems, steering geometry, tyre interactions and safety factors

Measurement as per standard IS 11948 or any other international standards


  • The 7inch touch Smart touch Display Unit  
  • Easy calibration and easy user interface 
  • Pre-program testing sequence for ease of data capturing  
  • High resolution touch LCD display to read angle in trace mode and torque or effort in Trace and Peak modes 
  • Suitable for clockwise & anti-clockwise operations 
  • Facility to enter vehicle identification no. & vehicle profile to keep track of your tests 
  • Facility for analogue outputs for both Torque and Angle for easy integrations with existing customer’s data loggers or data acquisition systems  
  • Facility for built-in real-time clock  
  • Data storage facility up to 10,000 tests and USB output for PC integration 
  • Capable of data transfer to PC, through USB  
  • Facility to operate in trace, peak modes 
  • Facility to directly conduct Circular Test and store values 
  • Facility to directly conduct Figure of ∞ test and store values 
  • Overload Indication 
  • Data Logging option with easy retrieval on display and save to flash drive 
  • Mini Bluetooth Thermal Printer for quick prints during homogulation tests 
  • Torque Vs Time Analysis as follows  
    • Average Torque              
    • Minimum Torque 
    • Maximum Torque           
    • Angle 
  • Online Diagnostics support with firmware upgradation over the internet 
  • PC based analysis software for angle and torque measurement (Optional) 

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