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Rotary Torque Tool Testing System – RTTTS 202 – TABLE TOP

Sushma Rotary Torque Tool Testing System RTTTS-202 model is a basic Table-top model, basically consists of tabletop testbed with Display unit holder, 2 numbers of Reaction Torque Sensors, a Smart display unit & required optional Joint simulators & accessories. The system is suitable for clockwise and counter-clockwise operations.

Tabletop System: System can be fixed on any hard rigid surface



  • User friendly and requires basic exposure to operate the System
  • Tabletop model can be easily fixed on any hard rigid surface
  • Accessories included- Soft joint, hard joint simulators
  • IOT Ready Control Display Unit for Remote Diagnostics & Monitoring. This ensures you keep up with the latest trends with our Dashboards & Analytics of your Calibration Activity
  • Quick Changeover enabled for various capacity of sensors
  • Easy to remove Torque sensors and indicator for recalibration
  • Ergonomic design for ease of usage


Rotary Torque tool testing equipment has an imperative role in preventive maintenance along with traceability to ensure all measuring results are in accordance with national/international standards.

After assembly or periodic usage of the tools finding the torque within the required limit /range is important as it ensures the tools quality ultimately.

RTTTS ensures the measured reading of the tool with all the influencing factors that affect them to establish the dynamic torques as accurately as possible.

Sushma Rotary torque tool testing system is used to test and validated the tightening torque of various Torque tools such as

  • Pneumatic Oil Pulse Tools
  • Pneumatic Impact Wrenches
  • Battery operated Torque Tools
  • DC Nut runners
  • Other electrical power tools

And meets the requirements of ISO5393:2017

Rotary torque tool testing system

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