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Rotary Torque Tool Testing System -RTTS-201

Rotary Torque Tool Testing System

Sushma Rotary Torque Tool Testing System RTTTS-201 model is a Portable system, that basically consists of 1 number of Reaction Torque Sensors, a Smart display unit, the required fixture to mount the sensor & optional Joint simulators & accessories. The system is suitable for clockwise and counter-clockwise operations.


  • User friendly and requires basic exposure to operating the system
  • Portable Model with 1 Torque sensor & Display unit
  • Accessories included- Soft joint, hard joint.
  • Quick Changeover enabled for various capacity of sensors
  • Easy to remove Torque sensors and indicator for recalibration
  • Ergonomic design for ease of usage


The Sushma Rotary Torque Tool Testing Machine has provided solutions to Test/Validate Rotary Torque Tools such as

  • Pneumatic Oil Pulse Tools
  • Pneumatic Impact Wrenches
  • Battery operated Torque Tools
  • DC Nut runners
  • Other electrical power tools And meets the requirements of ISO5393:2017

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