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Rotary Torque Sensor TS-207

The TS 207 model rotary torque transducer has contactless transmission of the supply voltage. And the measuring of signal enables continuous operation with low maintenance. Non-contact type Rotary Torque sensor has high accuracy, low noise, good-overload capacity, ample range, good noise tolerance and wide temperature range.  State-of-the-art strain gauge sensing and non-contact signal transfer makes them suitable proper control, laboratory and production use. They can be floated or foot mounted with an integral mounting base. These are available in capacities of 2kNm to 400kNm


  • ±10 Volt or ±5 Volt Analog Output with 0.02% Resolution and Low Noise & Ripple
  • 14 Bit Engineering Unit Output Via Com Port
  • Includes PC Interface Software and Cable
  • No Pots, Switches or Manual Adjustments. 11 Selectable Signal Filters
  • Strain Gauge Sensing that is robust and with a compact assembly
  • High Strength Alloy Steel Shaft with 200% Torque Overload Capacity
  • Noise Tolerant. Compatible with IGBT based Adjustable Speed Drives
  • Optional Speed Pickup
  • Provided with Calibration Certificate of an ISO 17025 Accredited calibration laboratory.

Display Unit Features

  • Model No: SDU-G204
  • The 7inch touch Smart Display Unit
  • Easy calibration and easy user interface
  • Battery level indicator
  • Easy calibration and easy user interface
  • Max Resolution 20000 Count
  • IOT Ready Product
  • Power Supply:9V , 1A
  • These are designed to measure the rotating drive torque using a conventional shaft-to-shaft configuration with in-line placement.
  • It is suitable for inline testing of motors, Engines, transmission-propellers, pumps, driveline fans, crankshafts and other similar rotating devices.
  • These are especially designed for high speed applications.

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