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Pedal Testing System ATS-P203

SushmaTM portable pedal force system makes the force measurement process quick and easy while delivering accurate, repeatable test results. The pedal force system consists of the pedal force sensor, the fixture with Velcro or metal plate arrangement and a display unit.

The Pedal Force Sensor can be attached to the brake pedal via a Velcro arrangement or a custom-made mechanical holder.

The cable is then connected to the display unit to see the readings. When force is applied the readings are visible on the display unit along with the real-time graph. The readings can be see in trace or peak modes in different units. Most often the maximum value or the peak value is desired in the testing. The output can be stored and retrieved through PC or USB Pen drive. You can opt to buy only the pedal force sensor too and connect it to your existing data acquisition system. Just ask our representative more information.


  • Pedal sensor is designed to measure force applied to the brake, accelerator, clutch pedals during acceleration, deceleration, parking foot brake pedal and transmission shift events
  • Compact, thin and light weight making them easy to install and remove.
  • Determines force exerted on the brake pedal during tests regardless of point of application of force
  • Since the forces to be measured on the brake, clutch or accelerator pedals are different and varies from a car to a heavy goods vehicle, Sushma offers different measurement ranges from 50N to 2000N
  • Provided with Velcro & metal plate fixing arrangement
  • Sushma’s Smart Display unit, a touch screen system is used as a readout which packed with features.
  • High resolution touch TFT display unit to read in trace or peak hold mode with high sampling rate.
  • The Display unit operates on 7.4 V Li rechargeable batteries. Battery life 14 hours in completely charged condition

Display Unit Features

  • Model No: SDU-A210
  • The 7inch touch Smart Display Unit shows the Force Values
  • Force vs Time Graphical representation
  • The results from the test are then stored on the device, which can be viewed on the display or downloaded to PC through the USB or USB Pen drive.
  • In-built battery with ~14hours backup
  • Battery level indicator
  • Easy calibration and easy user interface
  • Max Resolution 20000 Count
  • IOT Ready Product
  • Power Supply:9V , 1A
  • Ideal for measurement of brake, clutch, accelerator or foot parking brake pedal force
  • Ideal to be used in four wheelers, car, tractor, buses, trucks, constructions, agricultural and material handling equipment
  • Can also be used for foot pedal force testing of two or three-wheelers
  • A tool for ensuring drivability, vehicle brake development, vehicle handling, transmission shift quality, legislative and safety testing as per National/International standards
  • Easy to install in fatigue/performance test benches


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