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Force testing system Automated PV202A

Force testing system Automated PV202A SushmaTM Value line motorized operated force testing system comes with Sushma smart Display unit to provide the ultimate flexibility to perform force measurement Automatically. Which controls the tensile and compression tests of the machine. Available from 10kN to 20kN capacity.

Ideal to perform compression, tensile or bending shear tests on either small components or those require larger area with suitable fixtures

Suitable quality or Batch Testing, can also be used in Production Line environments in automobile, electrical, aerospace, electronics, bio-medical or other engineering industries


  • Human Loop System
  • Motorized operated
  • Vertical Orientation
  • Single column
  • table top type
  • Ergonomic operating height
  • Speed Control in mm/min: ± 50 – 500mm/min
  • Speed Control in %: 5%
  • Sensors Suitable S-Type loadcells Class 1
  • Displacement Sensors: Linear Scales (Optional)
  • Display Unit: 7 Inch Touch Screen Display
  • Net Positional Repeatability: 100microns
  • Load Measuring Range: 10% to 100%


  • Compression Testing
  • Tensile Testing
  • Push pull test
  • Spring Testing.
  • Tear Testing
  • Crush testing
  • Bend testing
  • Peel testing

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