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Force sensor low profile 219B

Force sensor low profile 219B SushmaTM low profile series of load cells are based on the conventional low profile or pancake load cell principle. Pancake Load Cells are characterized by their flat form. The sensor is designed to measure only compression forces. Often used for static fatigue tests. Available in capacities from 20 kN to 3000kN.


  • Classification of Class of Sensors as per ISO 376:2011 or IS:4169:2014
  • The shear web design in the small profile sensor yields high performance and offers high resistance to extraneous forces such as bending, side and torsion loads. Low deflection, high accuracy and lowest creep
  • Compact low-profile design frees up valuable vertical testing space
  • Calibrated directly with Dead Weight Force Calibration machine as per ISO 376 in an accredited ISO 17025 lab
  • Temperature compensated for better results as per standards
  • Compression only type sensors
  • Model No FS-219B is highly accurate Class 0.5 loadcells
  • Model No: SDU-A206
  • The 7 inch touch Smart Display Unit
  • Easy calibration and easy user interface
  • Battery level indicator
  • Max Resolution 2 Lakh Count
  • IOT Ready Product
  • Power Supply:9V , 1A
  • For calibrating or for verification of Uni-axial Testing Machines, Universal Testing Machines, Compression and Tensile Testing machine as per IS:1878-1:2005 / ISO 7500-1:2015 or any other international standards
  • Suitable for metrology use as a reference standard or a transfer standard
  • Suitable for verifying test benches and fatigue testing systems, structural and material testing machines, Hydraulic/Pneumatic Press Force monitoring

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