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Force Proving Instrument SDU-A206

Torque Wrench Tester Manual Smart Display Unit A203

SDU-A206 is a device for measuring a single channel strain input Force. This is an application specific device capable of being used with Sushma make Calibration graded Force Proving instrument.


  • Display unit type: Hand-held/Tabletop model with 7” Resistive Touch Screen Display
  • Number of digits:5 digits character display
  • Modes: Trace, Peak, First Peak
  • Max Resolution: 2 lakhs counts
  • Overload Indications: Available
  • Parameter Units:
    • Force – N, Kgf, lbf
  • USB computer interface: Available
  • USB – Flash Drive: Available
  • Sushma PC software interface: Possible
  • IOT Ready
  • Ethernet port: Available
  • Power Supply: 9V–1A power adapter
  • Easy calibration and easy user interface


  • For calibrating or for verification of Uni-axial Testing Machines, Universal Testing Machines, Compression and Tensile Testing machine as per IS:1878-1:2005 / ISO 7500-1:2015 or any other international standards
  • Suitable for metrology use as a reference standard or a transfer standard
  • Suitable for verifying test benches and fatigue testing systems, structural and material testing machines, Hydraulic/Pneumatic Press Force monitoring

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