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Force calibration system 202 – Hydraulic Operated

Sushma Force calibration system 202 basically consists of a rigid stationary frame, the movable frame, motorized daylight adjusting system, hydraulic cylinder which transfers the force, high precision hydraulic power pack, Controlled by a touch screen Display, with course and fine control

The reference standard and unit under calibration (UUC) are positioned in the machine and loaded in series. The reference standard is always in compression mode while we can calibrate the UUC in both compression & tension mode

The force is produced by the high precision Hydraulic Power pack and transfers the pressure to the hydraulic cylinder which was mounted on the top plate.

The motorized movable frame is used to adjust the daylight depending on the size or type of the force proving instrument

It is designed to reduce or eliminate the friction between the Reference Loadcell and the UUC. This is important since friction can create huge errors in measurement leading to courser uncertainties. Axial loading is ensured through the system along with the right adapters and fixtures. These machines are capable of generating forces to better than 0.05 % of applied force. However, it depends on the accuracy & measurement uncertainty of reference force measurement device

The reference sensors can be interchanged easily based on the capacity of the UUC, along with adapters if any. Further the reference standard used can be a compression loadcell which is less expensive than a universal loadcell which is calibrated for both tension & compression modes

The first weight of the frame is nullified by a special weight balancing mechanism.


  • Suitable to calibrate Class 1 & Class 2 as per standards ISO 376:2011/IS 4169:2014 or Class A as Per ASTM E-74
  • Self-supporting vertical steel structure
  • 4 column structure with sturdy plates on both ends
  • Hydraulic operated calibration system
  • Facility to calibrate both compression and tension load cells
  • Reference load cell is operated only in compression mode
  • Motorized yoke adjustment speed: 50mm/min
  • pressure for operating the cylinder is 300bar
  • Operated in variable pressure
  • stroke of cylinder: 25mm
  • Power required to operate the yoke adjustment: 230V±10%, 50Hz
  • Equipment is provided with Acrylic cover on all the 4 sides to avoid air currents affecting the measurements
  • Transparent door with latch will be provided in the front-top which will facilitate to change the load cells


The Sushma Force Calibration System-Secondary is designed to calibrate various force proving instruments like Load Cells, Proving Rings, Force Gauges, Crane Scales, Dynamometers, and other load sensing elements used in weighing and other applications. It is possible to conduct non-linearity, repeatability, reproductivity, hysteresis, creep, zero return and other tests during calibration. Also, it can calibrate sensors from Class 1 and Class 2 as per ISO 376:2011/IS 4169:2014 (Class A as per ASTM E-74), by using Class 00(as per ISO376:2011) reference sensors.

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