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Digital Torque Wrench-103

SushmaTM DTW 103 which are electronic torque wrenches are designed for simple and precise measurement of industrial, automotive, aerospace and many other applications. The DTW displays Real-Time and Peak torque on a large LCD display in various units like ft-lb, in-lb or N-m, which are user selectable. This advance model comes with angle measurement option.


  • Ergonomic, light weight, rugged metal construction
  • Microprocessor controlled digital memory wrench for delivering precision torque and storing
  • Large, easy to read 5-digit Color TFT display of torque with sampling rate of 100 Hz
  • Accuracy better than 1% of the reading ± 1 digit from 10% to 100% of the rated capacity
  • Both clockwise and counterclockwise operation with built-in & detachable ratchet head
  • Selectable unit of measurement – Nm, kgfm & Ft.lbs
  • Selectable measuring mode Trace, Peak and First peak
  • Peak hold facility can be used for both tightening and loosening torque
  • Highly responsive torque sensor for precise application of torque
  • Max Overload of 120% of the rated capacity
  • Higher end model comes with Torque & Angle Measurements
  • Capacity available : 2Nm – 5kNm


  • Ideal for torque with angle measurements for Auditing in R&D, QC, a LAB, maintenance and production areas
  • Finds application in industrial, automotive, aero space, motor cycle, electrical and electronic industries
  • Designed primarily for precise tightening applications as a digital alternative to click torque wrenches
  • Suitable for inspection purposes (re-tightening inspection and loosening tests) in peak mode
  • The indicator display enables the user to see the setting torque and actual torque being applied at the same time

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