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Control Display Unit CDU G201

Force Testing System Control Display Unit A201

Sushma’s solution for calibration of static torque tools as per ISO 6789:2017-2 is the Torque Wrench Calibration System. Our latest product Control Display Unit CDU G201 is designed to make your life easy while complying with the new complex ISO standard. CDU-A202 is a Smart Control Display unit Specially designed for operate with Sushma Torque Wrench Calibration system Automated & Computer Control systems.

The Display unit provides the ultimate flexibility to perform both TWC 205 & TWC 206 machines with specified capacities. Which controls the Clockwise & Counter-clockwise operations of the machine by giving step-by-step guided instructions.

The 7-inch touch Smart Control & Display Unit controls the entire machine and gives the user automated & guided instructions to help take actions. It also has a database to quickly recalibrate the tool without having to type all the details again (it can be coupled with the optional bar code scanner). The results from the test are then stored on the device, which can be viewed on the display or downloaded to PC through a USB or pen drive.


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