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Steering Effort System ATS-P301 / ATS-P301W

The SushmaTM Steering Effort System has two major parts of a Steering Fixture consisting of a Rotary Torque Angle Sensor and a Smart Display Unit. The steering fixture with the sensor is fixed on top of the original steering wheel hence eliminating the need to be disturbed/removed, making it a high-precision instrument that measures steering torque and angle. Whether it is a passenger car, truck, construction machinery, or any other vehicle you can select the suitable steering fixture size and fix the same well within 1 minute. The functionality of the original steering wheel is completely preserved, without having to dismantle or remove the airbag. The systems can be used on airbags and non-airbags models.


  • Simultaneous measurement of Torque and Angle with calculated Effort
  • Suitable for mechanical as well as power-assisted steering systems, with or without airbags
  • Suitable for Steering Wheel of M1,N1, M2, N2 & M3, N3 categories of Vehicles
  • Easy adaptability to any car & heavy-duty (all class) vehicle steering wheel (based on the steering wheel size)
  • Quick & Easy Fixing to existing steering with 3-point clamp assembly within 1 Minute
  • No limitation on the Steering Wheel rotation
  • Pre-programmed testing sequence for ease of data capturing
  • Vehicle profile can be selected for each test
  • By feeding the original steering wheel diameter into the Display Unit, the effort is calculated
  • The results can be viewed in various engineering units like Nm/kgfm/lbft
  • Selectable data sampling rate up to 1000samples/sec
  • Normal and Peak operating modes
  • Detailed reports saved on the device & retrievable through a USB cable & USB drive
  • Timer for torque angle tests
  • Various selectable steering diameters
  • Mini Bluetooth Thermal Printer for quick prints during homologation tests
  • Incremental Angle Encoder – Steering Angle 1o Suitable for measurement of steering Torque, Angle, and Effort.

Display Unit Features

  • Model No: SDU-A207/ SDU-A208 (Wireless Display)
  • The 7inch touch Smart touch Display Unit
  • Easy calibration and easy user interface
  • Pre-program testing sequence for ease of data capture
  • High-resolution touch LCD display to read angle in trace mode and torque or effort in Trace and Peak modes
  • Suitable for clockwise & anti-clockwise operations
  • Facility to enter vehicle identification no. & vehicle profile to keep track of your tests
  • Facility for analog outputs for both Torque and Angle for easy integrations with existing customer’s data loggers or data acquisition systems
  • Facility for built-in real-time clock
  • Data storage facility up to 10,000 tests and USB output for PC integration
  • Capable of data transfer to PC, through USB
  • Facility to operate in trace, peak modes
  • Facility to directly conduct Circular Tests and store values
  • Facility to directly conduct Figure of ∞ test and store values
  • Overload Indication
  • Data Logging option with easy retrieval on display and save to flash drive
  • Mini Bluetooth Thermal Printer for quick prints during homologation tests
  • Torque Vs Time Analysis as follows
  1. Average Torque 2. Minimum Torque
  2. Maximum Torque 4. Angle
  • Online Diagnostics support with firmware upgradation over the internet
  • PC based analysis software for angle and torque measurement (Optional)


  • The steering effort measuring system is suitable for the measurement of steering Torque, Angle, and Effort of automotive four wheelers, cars, tractors, buses, trucks, and material handling equipment
  • The system can be used on the field, in the laboratory, or on the test track
  • Useful for the evaluation of steering systems, steering geometry, tire interactions, and safety factors
  • Measurement as per standard 11948:2010 (Reaffirmed year:2022)
  • A variety of steering wheel fixtures are available for vehicles with steering wheels between 250mm and 350mm; 350mm and 450mm; and 400mm and 550mm in diameter
  • TS-206G is a highly accurate, strain gauge-based slip ring type Rotary Torque Angle Sensor


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