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When an electric motor fails to start, runs intermittently, gets too hot or continually trips the excess current device, there could a variety of causes why it is happening. Sometimes the trouble could be with the power supply, including branch circuit conductors or a motor controller. Another possibility is that the driven load is jammed, binding or mismatched.

Or then the motor could have developed a fault, which could be a burnt wire or connection, a winding failure including insulation deterioration, or a deteriorating bearing. What would prevent all this would a reputed motor testing process.

As a supplier Motor tester, we specialize in basic manually operated machines to Automatic Pump Test System / custom Computer controlled motor testing solutions that are designed to meet your specific needs. 


Various motors are tested on dedicated testing machines, also known as motor testers, to ensure that they meet the strictest tolerance specifications. 

Type of Motors

If you need to guarantee the quality of Motors then we have a range of test solutions such as Pump Performance Testing, Test Procedures for Pumps to suit your application, environment and budget. 

 We provide simple and effective solutions that support you in the area of testing & measurement of various following types of Motors. 


Induction Motors Ranges: (0.37 to 250kW)
Stepper Motors Ranges: (1Nm to 100Nm)
Hermetic Motors Ranges: (Upto 2kW)
Starter Motors Ranges: (Upto 2kW)
Synchronous Motors
DC Motors
Pneumatic And Hydraulic Motors
Universal Motors

Why Sushma?

At Sushma Industries, we take pride in providing world-class, custom-built motor testing systems for some of the biggest motor manufacturers, starter motor manufacturers, motors for space applications, electric bike manufacturers, micro motors in electrical switch manufacturers, DC motor manufacturers and other applications. 

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Spring Testing

Springs are an integral part of most products and devices from industries such as automobiles, aerospace, medical devices, manufacture and many more. It is literally impossible to find a gadget or mechanism that does not use springs to function effectively and efficiently.

The basic function of springs is to release stored energy like tension, compression, and torsion. There are many designs to meet that end, and depending on what your use might be, the choices of spring to be used can be very different. Springs are built to operate over a wide range of forces.

As spring testing machine manufacturer and leading spring tester supplier we are specialized in basic manually operated machines to custom spring testing solutions that are designed to meet your specific needs.

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