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The aerospace industry and defense industries are two of the most critical end-user segments to the security of a nation. Aerospace engineering / aerospace torque measurements is a complex field that consists of mechanical, electrical, software, and safety engineering components.

Quality, performance, and safety standards must be maintained in order to build spacecrafts, rockets, satellites, unmanned aerial vehicles, efficient military, commercial, and business airplanes.
Sushma offers solutions for the Aerospace industry in weight, force and torque measurements via static/dynamic testing of the products to ensure that components that are used can endure and last a long time.
Our testing Solutions have been developed keeping in mind the criticality of testing of aerospace components such as Aircraft Industry Torque Sensors. In today’s quality centric scenario, we help our customers in the aerospace industry via Material Testing for Aerospace Aircraft so as to achieve regulatory compliance to national and international Standards.
Our force and torque testing equipment’s provide you with diverse, cost effective solutions that may be required for your quality control needs. We have over 35 years of experience in providing able solutions for aerospace quality control challenges for various automotive components.

We are reputed among automated testing equipment manufacturers in India, We can supply sensors based on your requirements: Standard, custom-built or as OEM sensors.

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We also have years of experience in the transportation industry

Our Torque, Force & Pressure Test have been valuable for many industries to help them adhere to high quality standards. Measurement & Calibration Systems manufactured by us are used by our customers for evaluation of performance, design, product, components, over- all quality and for routine assembly line evaluations. We provide simple and effective solutions for fasteners torque measurement that support you in the area of testing, measurement and calibration.

Aerospace Industry Aerospace Industry | Sushma Industries

Force Testing System

Aerospace Industry Aerospace Industry | Sushma Industries

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Aerospace Industry Aerospace Industry | Sushma Industries

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Aerospace Industry Aerospace Industry | Sushma Industries

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Aerospace Industry Aerospace Industry | Sushma Industries

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Spring Testing

Springs are an integral part of most products and devices from industries such as automobiles, aerospace, medical devices, manufacture and many more. It is literally impossible to find a gadget or mechanism that does not use springs to function effectively and efficiently.

The basic function of springs is to release stored energy like tension, compression, and torsion. There are many designs to meet that end, and depending on what your use might be, the choices of spring to be used can be very different. Springs are built to operate over a wide range of forces.

As spring testing machine manufacturer and leading spring tester supplier we are specialized in basic manually operated machines to custom spring testing solutions that are designed to meet your specific needs.

1986 - 1993

Beginning years

Graduated Bachelor of Engineering





Joined a private company that dealt in business of sensors & instrumentation

Started 1st business in Sensors & Instrumentation in a partnership

Moved out of the 1st successful business to start his own

Manufactured Torque Wrench Callibrators (Nyveli lignite and Bajaj Auto Limited)





Started with manufacturing Torque Sensors

R Sadanandamurthy & AS Meenakshi started the company with 5 employees

Sushma Industries was registered as a company

First few customers were R&D labs of Telco, Kirloskar Brothers



Automobile steering effort testing system to ARAI

Introduced new product line Spring force testing


Moved out of the 1st successful business to start his own