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With over 35+ years of dedicated experience in the Testing & Measurement realm our, 5000+ customers vouch for our expertise in this domain.  We take up a wide range of activities such as design & manufacture of Force, Torque & Pressure testing / Calibrating or validating equipment as well as incorporate advanced technologies in the sensor industry.

Sushma’s domain capability and professionalism in over 36+ industry sectors has helped create newer innovations for clients. Any testing, measurement & calibration challenge is resolved using our cross-domain proficiency. Our biggest  strength!

Every challenge is tackled with the goal of providing accurate, reliable, and cost-effective testing solutions for R&D, manufacturing, and quality control firms.

We have a variety of test solutions to fit your application, industry sector, work environment and budget.

Pick your industry sector below and have a glimpse of our capability and domain knowledge. 

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Industry Application Highlights


Industry Industry
Vinodh HYLAB PTE LTD Singapore

I was impressed on visiting Sushma Industry. The standards maintained are impeccable. After using the Sushma Torque Wrench Automatic Calibrator for a year, we find it a wonderful piece of engineering backed by a knowledgeable and competent team. The support team response is quick.

Industry Industry
Florian Kubler - Stopfix, Germany

Highly motivated team, very good technical skills, experts in torque measurement, strong focus on implementing all our requirements

Industry Industry
Mohamed Hamid Universal Inspection KSA

Reliable equipment suppliers, made us to extend and expand the business relationship with their products, which meets our requirement, maintaining Quality , competitive price, safe & secure packing and punctual delivery etc.

Industry Industry
Bhart Tank Professional Aviation Support Ltd - Kenya

Torque Wrench Calibration System is easy to operate applying a small torque on the hand wheel depending on the position of the application of the torque. The software provides instructions before calibration giving guidance to first time users also.

Industry Industry
L Kandan MSME-Testing Centre, Chennai

M/s Sushma Industries,always Good Service Friendly to support Quick delivery for calibration Quick Responsible for equipment maintenance and Service.

Industry Industry

We actually use TWC 206 Torque calibration machine and we are satisfied with performance of machine and after sales service.

Industry Industry

It was a good experience with core Sushma team for their support & flexibility to brain storm to meet the urgent Alfanar requirement in regard to servicing & calibration process.

Industry Industry

Good Experience first time.

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& Profit Goals

Industry Industry

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Spring Testing

Springs are an integral part of most products and devices from industries such as automobiles, aerospace, medical devices, manufacture and many more. It is literally impossible to find a gadget or mechanism that does not use springs to function effectively and efficiently.

The basic function of springs is to release stored energy like tension, compression, and torsion. There are many designs to meet that end, and depending on what your use might be, the choices of spring to be used can be very different. Springs are built to operate over a wide range of forces.

As spring testing machine manufacturer and leading spring tester supplier we are specialized in basic manually operated machines to custom spring testing solutions that are designed to meet your specific needs.

Electrical harness/Crimp Testing

Crimp/Pull testing is often used by electric harness / crimp testing manufacturers to evaluate crimped connections to ensure that the terminals are properly connected. The amount of tensile force that is needed to break/separate a crimped joint from a wire is measured during pull testing. It can take a significant amount of force to reduce the chances of product failure.

Crimp tester machine tests the tensile strength of crimped terminals (wire harness). They enhance testing efficiency due to simple sample setting.

As a Crimp Joint Testing supplier we specialized in basic manually operated machines to custom built crimp testing solutions that can be designed to meet your specific needs.

Bolt/Screw/Fastener testing

Applying apt torque is vital while tightening threaded fasteners. We manufacture screw torque testing machine / bolt torque tension testing systems that validate if screws/bolts are fitted correctly which ensures safety and performance of the product.

Measuring & analyzing the bolt torque/load is necessary to certify product quality, safety, and reliability. Fasteners can fail if improperly tightened and excessive torque can damage it.

We offer Fastener Analysis / Bolt Joint Analysis using our Manual/Advanced Bolt Torque Tension Testing Systems

Electrical harness/Crimp Testing

Today's bottle manufacturing industry is concerned with loose or over tightened caps that can have a significant impact on product freshness, durability, shelf life, and likely leakage.

Since moisture-sensitive or pressurized goods require the integrity of a container’s closure and its seal to be preserved, hence stability is a major concern here. It is important to constantly track closure integrity in order to maintain/improve process control.

We offer Bottle Cap Torque Testers for Bottle cap torque testing solutions for various types of closures through our Manual/Advanced Bottle cap torque Testing Systems

Steering effort testing

Evaluation of steering effort, alignment, dynamics and self-centering efficiency are important for research and development, product development, vehicle testing and homologation applications as per national / international standards.

Sushma manufactures high precision steering effort sensor that is utilized by the automotive industry. This measuring system is suitable for measurement of steering Torque, Angle and Effort of the automobiles such as four wheelers, cars, tractors, buses, trucks and material handling equipment.

This system can be used on the field, in a laboratory, or on the test track.

Tensile Testing /Pull Testing

A tensile test is also known as tension testing. It is one of the most fundamental and common types of mechanical testing that can be done on specimen. A tensile test applies tensile force (pulling force) to a material and then measures the response of the specimen to that stress. Tensile testing machine manufacturers help determine mechanical properties of a specimen, how strong a material is and how much it can elongate.

We are reputed tensile testing machine manufacturers and one among pull tester machine manufacturers in India. Our customers have been satisfied with our products for decades. Tensile tests are typically conducted by electromechanical equipment or universal testing machine, are simple to perform and can be completely standardized.

A stress/strain graph can be plotted that will depict the tensile profile of a material and to the point where it breaks. The tests can provide details of properties such as the modulus of elasticity, strain, and yield strength.

Tensile testing has several utilizations, such as:

1. Selecting materials for an application.

2. Predicting material response to various forces.

3. To determine whether specifications to relevant standards are met.

4. To obtain a total profile of tensile properties of a material. We can supply Standard/ customized tensile force testing solutions tailor-made to your needs.

Motor Testing

A survey conducted a survey brought to the light the face that 48% of motor failures are due to electrical failures. And this 48% can be further divided into rotor problems (12%) and winding problems (36%). The rest 52% of failures are mechanical faults.

Winding defects occur due to contamination, ageing of insulation, thermal overload, power surges, damaged materials, and other reasons. Moisture/contamination creates extra stress and increases the temperature across a fault and finally the winding fails.

Sushma is a motor testing equipment manufacturer that provides motor testing solutions for Motor manufacturing industry. The testing systems complies with the requirements of all national and international standards for Motor Testing System like IS : 325,JEC-37

Torque tool testing

Torque Wrenches are one of the most commonly used tools across various industries and sectors. The effects of improper torqueing due to defective, worn-out or noncalibrated tools can be quite catastrophic leading to accidents, injuries, and in some cases, deaths. Torque tool testing and calibration can ensure that the tool that is being used is in perfect condition.

The angular force needed to rotate an object is known as torque. For example, force. Torque creates tension in threaded fasteners when the nut and bolt are tightened and two plates are clamped together. The thread converts the applied Torque into tension in the bolt. This in turn is converted into a clamping force. Torque Tool Testers can ensure that the tool that is being used applies the set force, not more or less.

Controlling torque of a torque tool is important for companies to ensure proper application of torque for their product’s quality, safety, and reliability. It is also very important to maintain the requirements associated with ISO 9001 quality standard

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