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Endurance / Fatigue tests are carried out by Force Test Systems / Force Test Tool on materials so as to determine the loss of stiffness and or vulnerability that may occur due to frequent usage. This also helps in understanding the possibility of failure of a material/product after a given number of load cycles.

Fatigue tests are performed by Force Testing Systems / push-pull test equipment in several ways, such as by repeated tension–tension, compression–compression, tension-compression or other combinations of cyclic loading.

Sushma’s Force Testing System / compression measurement instrument for Fatigue and Endurance Testing applications provides a wide variety of customization to carry out these tests.

Based on standard platforms, we offer several options for customizations depending on the kind of component.

1) Dimensions
2) Capacity
3) Test Frequency
4) Test Sequencing

5) Accuracy Levels

Our standard platforms are based on certain loading principles 

1) Servo-Hydraulic Systems 
2) Proportional Hydraulic Systems 
3) Generic Hydraulic Systems 
4) Pneumatic Loading Systems 
5) Motor Loading Systems
We welcome you to get in touch with us so that we could suggest to you the best product to suit your requirement.  

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