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Overview Custom Built Products

Our industrial testing equipment is available in standard configurations, as well as in custom configurations to meet the specific needs of our valued customers.

These services are entirely focused on the needs of the customer and are provided in accordance with their specific guidelines. These services provide extra control over the products.

Sushma Custom Solutions provided for 36 various Industry Sectors.


We provide custom services to satisfy your unique Force/Torque/Pressure measurement requirements. The services range from basic resizing the sensors/machines and manufacture of special products which suits to your work environment or particular as per your requirement. It is designed to meet your testing efficiency, safety, and specific data management requirements.

Custom Products & Solutions

As per The Specific Standards:

Compliance testing/Conformance Testing/ Type Testing Solutions:

Conformance testing, also known as compliance testing, is a technique used in engineering to ensure that a product, process, computer programme, or system complies with a set of relevant National /International Standards such as ISO, ASTM, IEC etc.,

To Increase your testing Efficiency:

Customized solutions to minimise testing time and improve its efficiency. We can offer special test benches & Custom software to suit the data processing and operational efficiency requirements.

To Enhance the Safety:

For high capacity or sample testing like destructive/Burst test, unique safety measures will be provided to reduce risk and improve safety.

Solution for Particular Samples:

Custom-made solutions for your specific samples, such as slick, deformable, or odd-shaped samples that are difficult to grasp, can be tested using Sushma unique testing machines.

Calibration Equipment:

We can help you in setting up, Primary /Secondary Force & Torque Calibration equipment for your laboratory.

Our Capabilities

Our experts can design and develop Modified test stands & customised testing systems with grips and fixtures, to match your particular testing requirements.

Custom Built Products Custom Built Products

Case Studies


Custom Built Products Custom Built Products
Vinodh HYLAB PTE LTD Singapore

I was impressed on visiting Sushma Industry. The standards maintained are impeccable. After using the Sushma Torque Wrench Automatic Calibrator for a year, we find it a wonderful piece of engineering backed by a knowledgeable and competent team. The support team response is quick.

Custom Built Products Custom Built Products
Florian Kubler - Stopfix, Germany

Highly motivated team, very good technical skills, experts in torque measurement, strong focus on implementing all our requirements

Custom Built Products Custom Built Products
Mohamed Hamid Universal Inspection KSA

Reliable equipment suppliers, made us to extend and expand the business relationship with their products, which meets our requirement, maintaining Quality , competitive price, safe & secure packing and punctual delivery etc.

Custom Built Products Custom Built Products
Bhart Tank Professional Aviation Support Ltd - Kenya

Torque Wrench Calibration System is easy to operate applying a small torque on the hand wheel depending on the position of the application of the torque. The software provides instructions before calibration giving guidance to first time users also.

Custom Built Products Custom Built Products
L Kandan MSME-Testing Centre, Chennai

M/s Sushma Industries,always Good Service Friendly to support Quick delivery for calibration Quick Responsible for equipment maintenance and Service.

Custom Built Products Custom Built Products

We actually use TWC 206 Torque calibration machine and we are satisfied with performance of machine and after sales service.

Custom Built Products Custom Built Products

It was a good experience with core Sushma team for their support & flexibility to brain storm to meet the urgent Alfanar requirement in regard to servicing & calibration process.

Custom Built Products Custom Built Products

Good Experience first time.

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Custom Built Products Custom Built Products
Custom Built Products Custom Built Products
Custom Built Products Custom Built Products
Custom Built Products Custom Built Products
Custom Built Products Custom Built Products

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Custom Built Products Custom Built Products

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Spring Testing

Springs are an integral part of most products and devices from industries such as automobiles, aerospace, medical devices, manufacture and many more. It is literally impossible to find a gadget or mechanism that does not use springs to function effectively and efficiently.

The basic function of springs is to release stored energy like tension, compression, and torsion. There are many designs to meet that end, and depending on what your use might be, the choices of spring to be used can be very different. Springs are built to operate over a wide range of forces.

As spring testing machine manufacturer and leading spring tester supplier we are specialized in basic manually operated machines to custom spring testing solutions that are designed to meet your specific needs.

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