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Company Culture

At Sushma, people are at the center of every decision making. We like to work with the spirit of a startup where merit and performance takes focus along with the balance of work, learn, play and fun.  

As an ambitious and growing company, we solve challenges by working TOGETHER for any challenge faced. With open and honest communication among colleagues, we ensure that every voice is heard to navigate ahead.  


Only when people grow is when we can say that the company has grown. 

Employee Testimonials

"I am Proud to say being an Sushma Employ, this is like a big encyclopedia for learning"

- Satish

"The work experiences am gaining are more valuable to my career growth"

- Chethan

"Between 2011 to 2016, i wasn't sure whether this company has future to grow internationally. But now we grown to supply our products more than 25 countries in the world. This feels great as part of the company!"

- Shivaji

I am in Sushma from last 20 years, I have found the team is always energetic, passionate towards their goal. Employees are very co-operative to each other, this helps in team building and team achievement

- Ravikumar

"Feel great to be part of Sushma.. Good platform to learn Work atmosphere is great"

- Navya

"I consider it my utmost pleasure to be working with Sushma from last 6 years in the capacity of Manager.."

- Suraj

"Good place to work, can make our life easy if sushma's work procedure is followed , like planning and scheduling to achieve better results."

- Hifzur

"I feel very proud to be one of the oldest employee of Sushma Industries Pvt. Ltd.. My career has skilled with the growth of the company. ”

- Anil

"Very interesting and exiting place to work, I've really enjoyed the opportunity to get to work in the company.”

- Kishore

"Sushma Is a great place to learn & great explore towards Technology, Corporate Cultures , Sales , process, communication , Etc .
As a fresher great place get explore yourself"

- Manjunath

"I've learned so many new things: colleagues taught me about the industry and shared their knowledge with me. I will always be thankful to the people who believed in me and gave me this opportunity to grow.”

- Megha

"I joined Sushma Industries about 2.5 months ago. Working with this company has been nothing less than an amazing experience for me. As an engineer, it has given me opportunities to learn and grow.”

- Aldan Sequeira

About the company:

We are keeping a close eye on the COVID-19 calamity. We’ve introduced a temporary process change to move all in-person interviews to virtual interviews until further notice, with a focus on applicant and employee safety.

Our Six Stage Recruitment Process

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