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Through Volume calibration we ensure that containers store liquid of accurate quantity as specified. As per volume calibration method initially the instrument is inspected visually for defects, numbering, graduations, or any other apparent defects.

Our Laboratory is constructed as per accepted norms that meet the strict environmental guidelines laid out. In order to maintain the strictly controlled environment, the Volume Calibration Laboratory is designed and constructed within a building. The climate in the Volume Calibration Laboratory is strictly monitored and controlled via systems specifically for the lab.

Volume calibration services are accredited by ISO 17025. Calibration results are traceable to NIST.

We use the latest technology, volume calibration equipment and follow acceptable standards to calibrate equipment with the best accuracies possible. Our services are timely, accurate and results are pronounced via a Calibration Certificate endorsed with the report of all work done and results achieved. And when your instrument is due for re-calibration, we shall send you a reminder notice.

Benefits Of Volume Calibration

Volume Calibration Volume Calibration
Volume calibration from 1µl to 5000µl micro pipettes as per ISO 8655 Part-6
Volume Calibration Volume Calibration
Glassware like Pipettes, Burettes, Measuring Cylinder, Volumetric Flask etc., as per IS/ISO4787 ; Capacity 0.01ml to 1000ml


Item Description
Standard followed / Method Used
Best CMC
Glassware like • Pipettes • Burettes, • Measuring Cylinder • Volumetric • Flask etc.,
Using Weighing Balance of 220 g & 2kg Capacity and 0.1 mg and 0.01 mg Readability and distilled water by gravimetric method based on IS/ISO4787
0.01ml to 1000ml
0.11 µl
Micro pipettes
Using weighing balance with readability 0.001mg/0.0001 mg and Distilled Water Gravimetric Method Based on ISO 8655 Part-6
10µl to 5000µl
0.11 µl
Volume Calibration Volume Calibration

Product Quality,
& Profit Goals

Volume Calibration Volume Calibration

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