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When devices that are utilized to measure torque in various industries are calibrated at regular intervals, then we can be rest assured regarding the consistency of their performance. Routine calibration of torque applying devices ensures accuracy of the instruments when they are utilized during production processes. The torque calibration tool that is used to perform the torque calibration procedure compares the amount of torque produced by the instrument within set tolerances so as to determine if any adjustments need to be made. 

Sushma calibration & Test Labs Private limited offer many positives while calibrating your torque equipment as per the torque calibration standard: Sushma calibration & Test Labs Private limited is accredited as per ISO 17025 in India. 

Firms that utilize torque  nstruments on a regular basis are guaranteed that torque calibration services provided by Sushma calibration & Test Labs Private limited ensures the quality of their operations by maintaining traceability and reliable measurement.  

Our manpower comprises of skilled technicians capable to pre-set any torque device. Our service is quick, reliable and calibration results are absolutely accurate. A Calibration Certificate is issued for each calibrated instrument with all necessary details of the torque calibration carried out. The certificates include comprehensive calibration results and information about NABL traceability, accreditation as per ISO/IEC 17025.

Benefits Of Torque Calibration

Torque Calibration Torque Calibration
All Brand torque Sensors/ Transducers/ Tools can be calibrated in our facility.
Torque Calibration Torque Calibration
Brand Numbers, Sensor numbers
Torque Calibration Torque Calibration
Currently in Asia, our laboratory provides the highest torque calibration facility of 100kNm
Torque Calibration Torque Calibration
Calibration Capability
  • 0.1Nm – 22kNm (Using First Principle Method)
  • 2kNm – 100kNm (Using Second principle method)


Item Description
Standard followed / Method Used
Best CMC
Torque Sensors (Torque Measuring Devises): Reaction torque sensors, Rotary torque sensors, Screwdriver sensors, Flange to Flange torque sensors
Using Dead weight Torque Calibration System consisting of Lever Arm and Stainless-steel Newton weights as per BS: 7882:2008/DIN 51309, ASTM E2428-15a, DKDR7 and R8
0.001Nm – 22kNm
0.01% rdg
Torque Wrenches: Both Type 1 & type 2 Tools of various class Click type, Dial type, Digital torque wrenches etc.,
Using Torque Wrench calibration System (with Torque Sensors and Digital Torque indicator) As per ISO 6789:2017(Part 1 & 2) For Torque Tools and ISO 5393, ISO 6544, ISO 17104 for Rotary Torque tools
0.1Nm to 3000Nm
0.01% rdg
Rotary Tools – Electric, Pneumatic tools
As per ISO 5393, ISO 6544, ISO 17104
0.1Nm to 3000Nm
0.01% rdg
Hydraulic Torque wrenches
Using Hydraulic Torque Wrench Calibrator with Torque Sensor and Digital Torque Indicator as per IS/ISO 6789
0.5kNm – 80kNm
0.01% rdg
Torque Multipliers
Using Dead Weight Torque Calibration System Along with Torque sensor with Display Unit
0.1Nm – 22kNm
0.01% rdg
Torque Calibration Torque Calibration

Product Quality,
& Profit Goals

Torque Calibration Torque Calibration

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