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Mass Calibration by Sushma Laboratory has been constructed to meet strict environmental guidelines. In order to maintain this strictly controlled environment, the Mass Calibration Laboratory has been designed and constructed within a building. The climate in the Mass Calibration Laboratory is strictly monitored and controlled having its own systems to ensure the same.

The mass calibration standard has been met as the mass calibration procedure in our lab is performed on tables that are constructed with marble for the lab comparators, thus reducing vibrations to non-existent levels. With traceability to SI units through NPL, and ISO-9001-compliant calibrations, Sushma accredited mass calibration capabilities exceed the most stringent quality requirements. The quick turnaround time and our competitive pricing are better than that offered by any OEMs.

Mass calibration services are accredited by ISO 17025Calibration results are traceable to NIST. Our clients are assured of quick and accurate services. The Calibration Certificate issued by us is clear with all necessary information with complete report of all work done and results. We also ensure to keep you informed regarding re-calibration of your equipment via a reminder notice.


Mass Calibration Mass Calibration
We Provide E1, E2, F1 & F2
Mass Calibration Mass Calibration
Mass Calibration done as per OIML R-111
Mass Calibration Mass Calibration
We have E0 weight of 1kg as a master & it is calibrated at PTB Germany
Mass Calibration Mass Calibration
E & F class weights calibration can be done in our facility


Item Description
Standard followed / Method Used
Best CMC
Mass Weights
Using E0 & E1 class weight & balance/comparator of readability 0.0001mg/0.001mg/0.01mg/0.01mg & 5mg readability calibration of weights of class E1 accuracy & coarser as per OIML R-111
1mgm – 2kg
E1 class
Mass Weights
Using E2 Class weights & balance/comparator of readability 0.1mg & 5mg readability calibration of weights of class F1 accuracy & coarser as per OIML R-111
2kg – 20kg
E2 Class
Weighing Scale & Balance: (Electronic Balance)
Using E2 & F1 Class weights calibration of electronic weighing balance & comparator of Class 1 & Coarser as per OIML R-76-1
2gm – 2kg
E2 class
Weighing Balance calibration at Site
Using electronic weighing balance and comparator of class II & coarser as per OIML R-76-1
2g to 75kg
Mass Calibration Mass Calibration

Product Quality,
& Profit Goals

Mass Calibration Mass Calibration

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