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At Sushma, perfection is not just a word – it's a practice that we follow in each and every endeavor. During the last 26 years, we have steadily extended this practice to technology that perfectly meets our clients' needs through focused, innovative solutions. For our diverse range of clients, we offer our depth in domain knowledge and ongoing service and calibration through our extensive network, plus the confidence that our NABL accreditation brings.

Innovation, technology and service are the words that lead us into a future filled with focused solutions that have the seal of perfection. Read more

SUSHMA CALIBRATION provides services for:
  • Calibration of Torque, Force, Mass, Pressure, Volume & Density (NABL Accredited)
  • Testing in the field of Torque, Force& Pressure (Non- Accredited)
  • Product Evaluation in the field Torque, Force & Pressure
  • Design Evaluation using Analysis Software like PRO-E
  • Expert Consultation and Guidance in the field of Torque, Force & Pressure utilizing our 40 years of Experience